Lattice One

Nurture Every Dream
The best thing to spend on children is your time. Fishing is much less about the fishing and much more about the time alone with your child. All in a treasured freehold enclave where serenity is at one with elegance and happiness is nurtured to last a lifetime.

A Life Of Ease Amidst Living And Learning

Unplug And Enjoy The Now
There is perhaps no sweeter sound than the harmony that exists between you and the great outdoors. Step out and get a free hold on nature. You’d be surprised what a little sunshine, fresh air and a reservoir of fun in your backyard can do for your total wellbeing.

Your Playground All Around
When minutes matter, let a rush of excitement set in. Home offers quick access and fast escapes in equal measure. At your doorstep is a delightful mix of relaxed malls, eateries and riverine retreats away from the hubbub. Fashion, food, relaxation. Your time, your choice.

There’s Always More To Explore
Diversity in social cultures is displayed in every niche of your neighbourhood. The whole world is represented in the wide array of restaurants, cafés and boutiques in the area. You never have to go further than 15 minutes from the property to satiate your sensorial appetites.

Start Forever With Exuberance
Here is where you can take a deep breath after all that outside buzz. Its sculptural form is a bold statement that within, luxury is woven delicately into a life of comfort. With only 48 units, this freehold home has a way of inspiring feelings of relaxed exuberance in an exclusive forever getaway.

Retreat To Indulgences
Make daily departures to your inner senses. Dive into tranquility and reawaken your energy. There’s privacy and openness for everyone. Return trips are encouraged. You’re always just a lift away.

Take Your Front Row Seat To The Open Sky
Turn your gaze at the uninterrupted firmament and set your imagination free. Go on. Dream past the clouds. Conjure up a constellation. Blow kisses at Mars. Immerse yourself in the life-enhancing aura of the sky, right from your favourite spot at the rooftop garden.

Tranquility Within

Quietly Luxurious At Every Turn
Open doors to spaces you’ll long to spend quality time in. Every design nuance, each carefully sourced material, and the choice of top grade fittings accentuate the plush appeal of your home’s interiors.


Open And Gracious Spaces
The generously proportioned two to four-bedroom units come with refinements that reflect practical modern elegance. Meticulous attention to design and craftsmanship is evident wherever your gaze lands.


Smart Living Is Built In
This is home automation that puts a premium on your peace of mind. With the VIDA Gateway system, you can remotely monitor your home and secure your family, day and night. Completely digital, it lets you add on other Smart Lifestyle options and devices as effortlessly as tapping on the gateway app.